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High-quality motor oils, transmission oils, lubricants, greases, coolants, etc.

Spectronic is an importer and distributor of a large part of the portfolio of global lubricant manufacturers Cyclon & Valvoline.
With us, you can get preferential prices for engine oils suitable for trucks, agricultural and construction machinery. We can also offer specific industrial or hydraulic oils to keep your equipment running smoothly.

For up-to-date information on motor oils, greases or coolants produced by both brands, as well as specific prices with a delivery date, use the form below or call the indicated phones.
The Valvoline & Cyclon oils and greases we offer meet all requirements and are manufactured in EU.

Двигателни масла Cyclon

Magma - Engine oils for cars and light trucks

MAGMA motor oils are the result of Cyclon's latest research and development. These are high value added oils designed for passenger and light commercial vehicles.

Моторни масла Cyclon за камиони и индустриална или земеделска техника

Granite - Motor oils for light and heavy duty trucks or agricultural machinery

Motor oils that guarantee lower operating/maintenance costs and extended oil change intervals. The GRANIT series of lubricating oils will provide up to 3.3% additional fuel economy. GRANIT oils are specially designed to offer the engine up to 50% more protection against wear, and the expensive turbocharger with up to 28% more protection against deposits and sludge.

Масла за трансмисия Cyclon

Cyclon GEAR - Gear oils

Cyclon GEAR is a series of transmission oils specially designed to minimize wear, cope with loads and temperature amplitudes, while maintaining their viscosity properties. They ensure that no power losses occur in the system.

масла за индустриално приложение Cyclon Industrial

Cyclon Industrial - oils for industrial use

35 years of hands-on experience developing lubricants with superior Cyclon technology. A complete product range of oils designed to meet high performance levels in a variety of industrial applications (from hydraulics and compressors to pneumatic tools, etc.)

греси Cyclon

Cyclon – grease

The new grease series INNOVA and PREMUS are the result of LPC's modern and highly flexible production unit, which was designed in collaboration with the ABB Cellier Group. Various types of greases are manufactured, from conventional stock types to more advanced complex soap and/or synthetic greases.

Двигателни масла - Valvoline

Valvoline - Engine oils

The ProFleet range of engine oils has been developed to reduce engine friction resulting in improved fuel efficiency by providing exceptional cleanliness.
All-Fleet are Super High Performance Diesel (SHPD) oils and meet OEM specifications.

масла за трансмисии на автомобили и тежкотоварни превозни средства Valvoline

Valvoline - oils for car and heavy-duty vehicle transmissions

Although the needs of today's vehicle transmissions may vary, you can still rely on one product: Valvoline Gear Oil.
Valvoline Heavy Duty Axle Oil offers smooth axle performance in a variety of temperature conditions for multiple vehicle applications.

Охлаждащи течности / Антифризи - Valvoline

Valvoline - Coolants / Antifreezes

Choosing the right coolant is essential to engine protection, and Valvoline's full range of premium coolants help keep system components in top condition.

хидравлични масла Valvoline

Valvoline - hydraulic oils

Premium hydraulic oils designed for industrial and earthmoving equipment. The Ultramax range is manufactured from high quality base oils and enhanced with a stabilized zinc additive system.

Индустриални масла - Valvoline

Valvoline - Industrial oils

Valvoline industrial products are specifically designed to help improve productivity, minimize downtime and increase business profitability.

греси - Valvoline

Valvoline – grease

Valvoline offers a wide range of effective chemical fast acting formulas to meet the demanding automotive manufacturers and dealers.

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