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Tanker trucks for light fuels and LPG

Цистерна за светли горива

Spectronic Ltd. has extensive expertise in light fuel or LPG transport vehicle repair and rebuilding, which has given the business knowledge and insight into both good and bad practices in the field of Tanker Semi-Trailers production.

Naturally, our company reaches to the point where it can quickly construct and finish tank semi-trailers at a competitive cost.

The producers of the components that are used have proven themselves as reliable collaborators and industry leaders over the course of their many years in business.

Based on our experience, we work hard to build consistent products that can easily and completely maintain the quality by learning from good ideas and improving them as minimizing faults.

We are pleased to announce the opening of our production facility. We provide tank trucks that are ADR certified and fully compatible with all EU regulations.

Tanker Semi-Trailers for Light fuels

High-quality aluminum is used to make the light fuel tank and chassis, which ensures low own weight at the abandon of potential payload increase.

As well as the specialized equipment, the axles, tires, and brake systems which are included of the tank configuration are from trusted suppliers.

Оборудване за цистерна за светли горива
Basic information

Volume: 38,000 liters (NET)
Weight: 5500 kg +/-3%
Material: EN AW 5000 ELONGAL Series
Thickness: minimum 5 mm.
Fuel loading sections: 6 units

Information about the vehicle

Axles: 3 x 9 t. capacity, front axle lift system, air pressure disc brakes.
King pin (Connecting pivot point between tractor and semi-trailer): 2-inch (50.8 mm) diameter; Manufactured according SAE and DIN standards
Braking system: EBS
El. system: 24V, relative to 2007/46/EC & ADR

Ability to fill the tank to the top or bottom with fuel.

Ability to fill the tank to the top or bottom with fuel.

Unloading: Fuel compartments are emptied both with and without measuring.

Specialized equipment
  • 2 pcs x Meters SAMPI PD SMG30
  • Electronic counter "TEX"
  • PVR (Pipeline for vapour recuperation) - to reduce emissions from crude oil and condensate storage tanks.
  • Optical sensors against fuel overfilling of loading compartments.

Charging equipment for light fuel tankers

Адаптор API 4 инча


The API adapter is a stop valve and is installed at the ends of pipelines exiting from the tank compartments.

Колектор 4 инча


Divides the flow to two distinct counters to prevent the mixing of goods like gasoline and diesel.

Сензор против препълване

Anti-overflow sensor

The monitor provides the necessary signal information to the corresponding API sockets to allow the tank to be loaded.

Газова фаза

Gas phase

Designed to minimize pressure drop and maximize the efficiency of oil vapor recovery.

Дънен клапан 4 инча


Pneumatic opening mounted in each compartment of the tank underneath.

Measuring equipment for tanks

Гравитационен Разходомер SAMPI

Gravity Flow Meter (which works by inertia due to natural gravitational forces)

High repeatable accuracy.

Keeps the pressure decrease along the track at a modest amplitude; The meter only functions in both natural gravity and continuous pump pressure.

Long-lasting precision: the lack of component breakdown as a result of prevented metal-metal contact inside the measuring chamber. This guarantees an almost zero loss of accuracy over time, less recalibration and longer life. Appliances in the SM series meet international standards for weight and measure accuracy as well as the MID (European W&M Standard).

Globally approved for custody transfer (transfer of liquid fuels between two partner countries) with mechanical or electronic registration systems that comply API standards.
Designed and approved for the ATEX Zone standard.

LC Sound Sampi

LC sound

LC Sound is an ultrasonic air sensor. It tracks the levels of gas and air continually.

Its technology guarantees pressure-free precision in the installations at the terminals as well as in the cargo-carrying trucks.

SAMPI TEX flow computer

Flow computer TEX

Computerized tank truck control systems that are well known in the liquid fuel distribution industry and provide the highest degree of precision and long-term stability. The introduction of the new TEX flow control computer adds another dimension in terms of system control and data management, as well as protection against costly cross-contamination errors.


  • 7-inch high-contrast color display - 16.7 million colors in a bright screen with 800 x 480 Pixels.
  • Specialized smart keys: Each button performs a function that depends on the displayed screen.
  • OTA upgrades: Quicker operation setup. Updates for firmware and software without opening the box.
  • Functional and adaptive interface – the TECH interface is always changing to make sure that all fuel supply commands are simple to understand. The new version brings clearer graphics, new layout options and customized display parameters. The TECH display may be customized by each user to instantly view the information they require most frequently. This personalization enhances process efficiency and offers simple, intuitive navigation.
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