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Tanks for LPG 

Автоцистерна за LPG пропан-бутан

We produce LPG tanks made of high-quality steel, which guarantees the final product with a strong and lightweight body. When configuring LPG tanks, the primary goals are safety and superior quality. We carry out all tests in an independent laboratory to ensure the reliability of dangerous goods tanks. As a result, semi-trailers for the transport of liquid goods have all of the necessary running certificates in the EU.
You can also count on us if you need a light fuel/LPG tank truck service or if you need a specific part.

Basic information
  • Volume: 48 000 liters (net)
  • Weight: 11 650 kg
  • Material: Steel
  • Maximum working pressure: 19,23 bar
  • Test pressure: 25 bar
Information about the vehicle

Axles: "BPW", 3 x 9 tons capacity
Front axle lift system
Air pressure disc brakes.
King pin (Connecting pivot point between tractor and semi-trailer): Approved according to SAE and DIN standards, 2" (50.8mm) diameter
Braking system: EBS
El. System: 2x7 pins and 1x15 pins jack, 24v
Tyre Choose: Goodyear, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Fulda

Specialized equipment
  • Flow meter SAMPI MA7
  • Electronic counter "TEX"
  • Pump - BLACKMER 3"
  • Reel with 40 meters hose per 1 inch

Filling equipment for LPG tankers

Дънен клапан за LPG цистерна

Bottom valve

Made to work well with liquid withdrawal, anhydrous ammonia, and LPG.

Предпазно-преливен клапан за цистерна

Safety-overflow valve

The design allows, minimally opens the valve to release unhindered excess pressure.

ACME адаптор

АСМЕ Adaptor

Developed to keep the dirt away from the operation of LPG piping system valves and other parts as prevent blocking.

Пневматично управление

Pneumatic control

Aimed only for use when operated with internal valves. Allows opening and closing of the valve from a distance using air.

Възвратен дънен клапан

Non-return bottom valve

This bottom valve provides high flow capacity and more efficient filling of the tank compared to the conventional design.

Measuring equipment for tankers

Магнитен нивомер

Magnetic level gauge

The 6300 Series Magnetel® level gauges are designed to accurately determine the percentage of the total volume of the liquefied gas tank.

The device includes a 4-inch (100 mm) dial, which is designed for side mounting. These large and easy-to-read dials are also easily removed and replaced.

Разходомер МА7

Flow meter MA7

The highest level of commercial precision for measuring LPG products is provided by the Volume (PD) Rotary Meters from the Liquid Controls MA Series.

Because of their special construction, LC meters almost completely eliminate the effect of flow rate decline. The flow meter balances the pressures in the measuring chamber, providing a negligible pressure drop.

The LC meter consists of a housing in which three synchronized rotors rotate, without metal/metal contact neither between them nor with the inner surface of the housing. This ensures a longer service life by preventing wear on internal parts.

The hydraulic seal is achieved by viscosity boundary layer fluid rather than by the standard mechanical seals.



Sliding vane pumps are designed unique "self-adjusting" blades. They maintain almost original volumetric performance during the life of the pump, which means that these blades do not slip and work with maximum efficiency. This prevents wear that occurs with other pumps.

The pump can be ordered in Variant 2 inches or 3 inches with hydraulic drive.

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