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Dump semi-trailers for trucks

Tipper semi-trailers Model: HDR 760
Fully equipped with SAF disk brake axle and side-to-side tarpaulin.
Ready for delivery!

Undisputed leader in the transport of aggregates, perfect high quality and technical characteristics.

Main characteristics of a semi-trailer

Weight: 7300 kg

Volume 22-24 m3

Imported wear plate with 4/3 mm - 8/6 mm 400-450 Brinell hardness.
New design for easy unloading of the load.

Delivery time: 4 months

Bulk cargo semi-trailer

Front Panel - Back Cover - Wear plate with 400-450 Brinell hardness. New front panel design and new generation stronger, twisted back cover for front shifting of the load. Cross Country and Other - All sheets are minimum S355JR quality Erdemir steel.


I Edge - Edge reinforced chassis from S700MC imported or S355JR domestic sheet metal.

Cross country - All sheets are minimum S355JR quality Erdemir steel.

Oil tank Specially designed leak-proof, filtered oil tank.

Buffer - Folding type special design bumper for asphalt carriers (Finischer) conforming to ECE R58 regulation.

Kingpin - Flanged kingpin that can be removed with 2" bolts in accordance with ECE R55 regulation.


Mechanical Feet - Double speed telescopic leg with 24 tons dynamic load capacity gearbox.
Axle Lift - Automatic front axle lift with decker air suspension.
Side Guard - Fixed or folding type in accordance with ECE R73 regulation.
Fender - Full ERP mudguard on rubber. Protective barrier on the fender.

Other - Tool cabinet, water tank, spare wheel holder, tire chock, fire extinguisher cabinet, necessary warning signs and additional optional accessories.

PAINT - After sandblasting, double coat epoxy primer, double coat full acrylic oven paint.

  • Finisher function
  • Automatic bellows discharge
  • Angle warning system
  • ISS (The system for lowering the chassis when the vehicle reaches 10 km/h)
  • Automatic axle lift
  • Traction help

Pump Pump - 35-90 min./It double rotation gear pump

Hoses - R2 steel hoses resistant to 280 bar working pressure

Damper Lift - Front telescopic, minimum 45° lifting angle and high strength steel cylinder made of cold drawn tube resistant to force at this angle.


24 volt lighting system in accordance with ECE R48 regulation


Dual-circuit braking system conforming to ECE R13 regulation. WABCO or KNORR-Bremse EBS and RSS system with 2S2M electronic anti-lock system. Emergency stop and ramp valve.


Axle Set - 3 axles, each with 9 tons capacity, with domestic or imported drum or disc brakes.

Tire/Wheel - 6+1 tires and rims in 385/65 R 22.5 size.

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